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Saturday 25 August 2012

art drawing postcard
drawing on postcard, acrylic, ink and pen on heavy duty card, 104mm x 147mm [click image to view larger]

this drawing on a postcard is from a while back, originally drawn for the RCA secret exhibition in november 2010, but i didn’t send it. the art postcards i sent instead can be seen here: some secrets revealed

this postcard drawing was probably influenced by some of my pen & ink drawings based on lichens, although this particular drawing is all made up – it’s another doodle, really

art drawing on postcard
[drawing on postcard, rotated]

anyhow, i have decided to give this small drawing away to anyone who quite likes the look of it – whatever it is. i will post it to anywhere in the UK (with a first class stamp) and maybe to the USA too (although last time it took two months for a postcard to arrive in memphis). it’s been nearly two years since the last art giveaway of three postcards – back then it was winner takes all!

this is a special holiday giveaway as this weekend is a bank holiday weekend in the UK (monday is the bank holiday) and it’s our last public holiday before christmas, although we did get spoilt with an extra day with the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations.

as with the previous postcard art giveaways, just leave a message below (nb. your email is not shown after commenting but it is required to authenticate the comment, to avoid it being treated as spam)

this postcard art giveaway closes on 31st august 2012 (next friday)

thanks :-)

july, in pictures

Wednesday 1 August 2012

beautiful ditch, somewhere to keep the rain in

overcast sky
overcast sky, somewhere to keep the rain in

reflections of buildings
reflections of buildings, water has its uses

patchy yellow wall
wall, trying to keep the rain out

train window
on a train, no rain here

closed shop window
closed shop window, a bit like rain clouds

union jack
jubilee window transitioning into olympics window, reigning supreme!