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seven ways at wymondham arts centre

Thursday 31 May 2012

wymondham arts centre - seven ways exhibition - jazz green

Four very small paintings in the Seven Ways art exhibition, which has just opened at Wymondham* Arts Centre.

wymondham arts centre - seven ways exhibition - jazz green

My large painting, lichenscape, and some of my wabi sabi relic bowls on display…

wymondham arts centre - seven ways exhibition - farmscape paintings - jazz green

four farmscape paintings…

Seven Ways features the work of seven contemporary East Anglian artists, united by friendship and their connection to the Waveney Valley.

The seven artists in ‘Seven Ways’ are: Nell Close, Clare Cummins, Miles Fairhurst, Jazz Green, Richard Hunter, Dee Nickerson and Julie Noad.

wymondham arts centre - seven ways exhibition

Seven Ways promises to be an engaging and eclectic art exhibition, showcasing the seven artists very different approaches – from gentle observations of country ways, musical elements of still life, scenes of nature, landscape and skies to bold abstract forms and textures of the earth.

The exhibition ‘Seven Ways’ at Wymondham Arts Centre is open daily from 29th May to 10th June 2012: Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sundays 12 noon – 5pm.

wymondham arts centre - beckets chapel

Wymondham Arts Centre is located in Becket’s Chapel, the second oldest building in the town of Wymondham, founded as a chantry in 1174 by William D’Albini, the grandson of William D’Albini who founded Wymondham Abbey. Read more about the history of Becket’s Chapel.

29 May to 10 June 2012

Wymondham Arts Centre
Becket’s Chapel
Church Street
Norfolk NR18 OPH

Update:  some more pictures of the ‘Seven Ways’ art exhibition at Wymondham Arts Centre, closes Sunday 10th June, 2012…

[ceramics by Clare Cummins, paintings by Miles Fairhurst]

[paintings by Dee Nickerson]

[still life paintings by Nell Close]


* A courtesy note from the artist: Wymondham is pronounced windh’um, not wy-mond-ham as might be expected…

on feeling the pressure of a new exhibition

Thursday 3 May 2012

more exhibition news: i have had two more of my earth/bound series of works selected for a new curated art exhibition, feeling the pressure at Rhyl Arts Centre in Wales.

these are the exhibition invites, which have a curious printed lustre, looking a little like smooth granite or stone & gold on a tombstone. i do not know if this visual aesthetic interpretation was intentional, but it has a slightly apocalyptic tone – and they shimmer and change with the light…

i also had to write about one hundred words about my art in the exhibition. in this regard, i always find myself focusing on the externalised factors (the environment) which influence the making of my art. there are other factors which are more personal to the artist, as if one’s experience and perception of the environment is merely a conduit to exploring feelings about other things… feeling the pressure…

the two artworks i have in this exhibition are earth/bound i and earth/bound vi; these sculptural reliefs are for sale in the exhibition (no pressure). here is a photograph of them, which i took just before i packaged them up and sent them to the gallery at rhyl arts centre.

[earth/bound i & vi, 2011, 30cm x 30cm x 5cm]

earthbound exhibition text

read a little more about the beginnings of the earth/bound series here.

it was earlier in the year when i saw the ‘open call’ for artists to apply for feeling the pressure and i decided to submit an application. i was pleased to have some of my artwork selected for this exhibition as it is a new audience and context for my art.

earlier in the year (or maybe it was last year) i said that i would focus on exhibitions which seemed most appropriate for my art.

the other ‘open’ art exhibition i applied to this year was on the map at hastings museum and i was pleased to have two of my artworks selected for that exhibition too. read more about the on the map art exhibition here.

the art exhibition feeling the pressure runs from 
5 may to 2 June 2012 (more details about the exhibition are below).

UPDATE: there’s a slideshow of some of the works in the exhibition on the BBC news website

Feeling the Pressure

Climate change is the broad subject of this art exhibition, comprising work selected from an open call to artists across the UK. Rising sea levels, drought and over consumption in the world are just a few of the issues that artists have chosen to highlight in Feeling the Pressure, often with a touch of humour!

A prize of £500 is also being awarded, and the exhibition is sponsored by TEGNI and NORTH WALES HYDROPOWER, who are working together to provide sustainable energy for future generations.

feeling the pressure art exhibition poster

[feeling the pressure, exhibition poster]

The artists exhibiting in Feeling the Pressure are:
 Sonja Benskin Mesher, Mary Conway, Sarah Durham, Simon Farid, Helen Snell, Ian Brown, Stuart Carr, Martgaret Tietze, Pat Thornton, Tim Pugh, Emma Louise Preece, Simon Collinge, Mark Sheeky, Jon Kehoe, Jazz Green, Dorothea Reid, Lisa Carter, Tara Dean, David Rasores-Parry, Anne-Mie Melis, John Clarke, Sue Clarke, Lin Cummins, Simon Job, Andy Owen, Harriet Challis–Jones, Jane Glennie, Clarrie Flavell, Jim Taylor, Esther Tew.

Feeling the Pressure
5 May – 2 June 2012
Rhyl Arts Centre
Church Street
LL18 3AA

Exhibition open: Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm; Saturday 10am – 12.30pm

View location on Google Maps