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the art of something

Tuesday 17 January 2012

creating textures on gesso, wood panels - artist studio

traditional gesso on panels - artist studio

textures, gesso on wood - artist studio

traditional gesso on panel - artist studio - works in progress

traditional gesso on some wood panels, scavenged offcuts from last year. these panels have dried very slowly during the cold, damp days of winter, but the surfaces feel cool and delicately smooth, and when the light fades i get even closer to the surface.

it’s a start, a new beginning, the art of something, in the slow accumulation of many (disjointed) hours of preparatory work. i like working with patina – and i think i’ve been in a dark place like this before.

please note, no ‘flour’ was used in this process – it is an old kitchen storage jar now used for keeping paint brushes in (as it has a wide neck)…

p.s. someone borrowed most of my words and there is little hope of them being returned any time soon…

the return of the relics

Tuesday 3 January 2012

broken relic fragment, mixed media art

[looking in, from the outside]

fragments relics, mixed media art

[stacked fragments]

fragments, relics, mixed media art

[wall fragments]

mixed media collagraph print on paper

[intaglio print]

intaglio collagraph print on paper

[intaglio print]

mixed media intaglio collagraph print- blind embossing

[blind embossing on paper]

[intaglio collagraph prints]

from the imperfect/circle project: liminal, on the brink, success, failure, beautiful, ugly, perfect, flawed, incomplete, whole, insignificant, valued, sacred, discarded, lost, saved, broken, mended. strange relics