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post, christmas dues

Monday 28 December 2009

or hues, muse, news, ruse, views [i couldn’t decide].

christmas-tree-postcards-abstract art

am pleased to say i’ve had a few responses to my christmas little art giveaway, and have now decided to extend the deadline to new year’s eve.

free art giveaway - small abstracts

click the image above to read more about the little art giveaway and to view the digital scans of these small abstracts life size.

i also found out i had a little mention recently on scoutie girl’s blog and greenandpretty [am very new to all this…]

i’m quietly chuffed that one of my paintings has been accepted for the forthcoming elements: man and the environment art exhibition at the forum norwich.

artists residing in the six counties of norfolk, suffolk, bedfordshire, hertfordshire, essex and cambridgeshire were eligible to enter, whose work engages with habitat or the environment, the natural or man-made world in their creative process.. over 850 entries so the competition was quite high [more on this environmental art exhibition in a future journal post].

walking in winter, wandering land

Wednesday 23 December 2009

went on a walk today; about seven miles, there and back..


depth of field.. the silhouettes and apparent shadows of branches of an alder tree..


neatly sheared but bare hawthorn hedge..


snow-covered ploughed field with quadrangle of golden maize left fallow..


view through a gap in a hedge, a ditch (or dyke) gleaming copper in the low lying sun..

just a reminder.. of my little art giveaway..

on giving, a small gift of art

Tuesday 22 December 2009

i sold one of the four postcard mini artworks made especially for the troika art fair, and with my modest earnings i bought some more logs for the fire.. have decided i will gift the three remaining original artworks away.. free, gratis.. a small gift of original art from the artist at christmas time..

leave a comment or send an email by 31/12/09 to be considered for this little art giveaway:

n.b. please include the title of the preferred artwork in the email subject heading (as listed below).. doubt i’ll get deluged with replies, but if so, will put all names into my santa’s elf hat and reveal the winners on new year’s day 😉

troika 8 postcard
[untitled I, original collage on watercolour card, 10x15cm]

troika 8 collage art postcard
[untitled III, original collage on watercolour card, 10x15cm]

postcard art
[untitled IV, original collage on watercolour card, 10x15cm]

each postcard is titled, signed and dated on the reverse..

a seasonal footnote: a recent survey, reported on bbc news, on gift giving at christmas (or ‘Scroogenomics : Why You Shouldn’t Buy Presents For The Holidays’) suggests that people (when asked how much they would pay) on average valued their received gifts as 20% lower than the price actually paid… to assuage any feelings of disappointment we are ever reminded of the old christmas chestnut, but it’s the thought that counts..

also seen on the bbc website, how people are paying for christmas in the current recession