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act local, think global

Tuesday 18 August 2009

when writing the title for this post (a flip on the motto think global, act local) i was reminded of the classic scene from the league of gentlemen.. are you local? […] this is a local shop for local people, there’s nothing for you here.. [view the clip on youtube]…and then thinking, after ten years here i am not strictly a local, but here i am, and (as in the local shop scene) i am just looking (as local people do)… just looking, watching, observing… and the wryest of observations become the making of tv comedy, film, theatre and art…

i will shortly be participating in another local art event, shopart, part of the harleston and waveney arts festival, local art in local shop windows for local people… definitely something to talk about (there are prizes too).. it will hopefully arouse some curiosity, possibly some mumblings about modern art.. it’s all good as it gets people walking, looking and hopefully buying in the shops..

however, this week i’ve been trying to think more globally, finding my way around the art marketplace of etsy.. there are some good features and articles for buyers, forums and teams for sellers, and there is also a member curated treasury which is near impossible to get into it seems… it is neccessary research if i am to make etsy work as a viable venue for my art… i often feel like a displaced artist here, in the wrong location for my work… it’s too small, too narrow, in all senses…

in the meantime, i have been reworking one of my orphaned edgescape paintings.. i wasn’t happy with the centre section.. these size paintings nearly always take a year to right themselves..

abstract painting - turquoise blue and copper brown
[taken with flash- the umber has turned to copper]

and another farmscape [working title].. there is no reason to hurry.. like the mould and decay they portray, it takes time.. and i am a slow painter..

abstract paintings - farmscapes - mould and decay
[aka yellow stripe, not finished]

next up, there are a couple of local art shows in september, which are always good to keep in circulation with the local art scene.. i’ve yet to hear if i have been successful with my submission to the chichester open.. then there’s the discerning eye exhibition- i am still deliberating on that one.. i’ve had quite a successful summer art wise, but with art, it always seems like one long work in progress, only later do you see the results..

artist, trading cards

Wednesday 12 August 2009

a curious phenomenon on the internet, artist trading cards (or ATCs), miniature artworks that are exactly 2.5 X 3.5 inches.. strictly speaking, ATCs are traded (or swapped) and not sold, and so now there is the ACEO or art cards, editions and originals [read more at wikipedia]…

abstract art cards for sale

[some new card stock listed at etsy…]

these art cards don’t fall into either category, since they are resolutely square, and digital prints of my artwork – all the same, they look quite nice at this reduced size.. original artists’ works as greetings cards is an affordable, appealing option, unique in its way.. which leads me to comment on those ghastly, cheap (or not so cheap – a real money spinner for the suppliers) card-making kits that are sold on ebay and tv channels like QVC.. but is it art or even a craft?? but, it’s all the rage, apparently…

:: square greetings cards with matching gold envelopes ::

:: greetings cards or notelets ::

:: blank for any special occasion ::

:: image 9cm, card 13cm, gold envelope 14cm ::

:: sealed, cellophane wrapped ::

:: $5 (£3) each ::