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found paintings; the search continues

Friday 27 March 2009

three more found paintings, march 2009..
found paintings - abstract fine art photography
photographs of found paintings
abstract found painting
the idea of the found painting became a bit of a personal obsession back in 2002 when i first acquired a digital camera and i submitted some of my found drawings to the drawing research group tracey.

accidental drawings, scratched, scraped or drawn by unknown forces; human traffic, vehicles, the weather.. revealing hidden layers, creating new deposits.

the concept of appropriation or incorporating the found in art is nothing new, the act of finding is just a part of it, making sense of it is another matter. as a concept, i haven’t pushed it beyond an act of objective recording, visually documenting the abstract. they are fascinating images to capture and collect over time; untouched and unrefined, as found. all you see here are photographs, they are not art. they are a representation of the visual experience of one artist, believing for a moment in time that they could also be works of art.

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