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A modern post artist

Friday 30 May 2008

in the search for the meaning of words in titles for these paintings in progress…

meld, a merging of melt and weld, both are a result of the application of heat, both sculptural but with contrasting outcomes, in common usage since the 1930’s…

rost, a strong current or tide, the Germanic origin of rust, meaning red, a small crater on the surface of the Moon…
paintings in progress

voda, from the Russian or Eastern European for water.

view the finished paintings here.

No oil painting

Sunday 18 May 2008

The subtleties of texture, the beauty of surfaces, are all but lost when reduced to the size of a postage stamp… (works in progress)

I suppose I should explain that in these (there are currently two more in the series) my primary occupation has been in the merging of layers and surfaces, the textural fusion between one type of matter and another. They are greatly magnified views of the meeting of two organic surfaces, inspired from a microcosm of nature observed, but in the process of painting, the appearance of a distant horizon emerges, perhaps a shoreline, or a cliff face, the side of an old ship, eroded waterlines, drifts, seasonal traces… and within that a vision of change, of destruction, natural disaster, the aftermath… of drought, flood, quakes and surges, from fire to permafrost, the smouldering ashes, the seeping sludge of time… an apocalyptic landscape of decay and ruin, a landslide of the mind, warped and twisted… It’s no oil painting…

One green bottle

Saturday 10 May 2008

A couple of weeks back I decided to enter a competition (open to all RCA graduates) for an artwork to adorn the bottle label for Becks Beer on the theme of Individualism… and only having one evening to work on an idea that I had been quietly brewing for a while (no pun intended) I promptly went for an image of a fingerprint, which is perhaps a little too obviously representative of genetic uniqueness, common to all humans regardless of class, culture, race or gender, but it perversely also references criminal profiling, of a society mistrustful of outsiders, of a culture in which justice and conformity to rules wins over any rights to individualism… there’s a brief nod to politcal rebelliousness and subversion in using red for one, but the colours also achieve a balance of anonymity with a collective identity and universality. I made a few fingerprints to photograph, and then a few minutes more in Photoshop© for the colour canvas backgrounds.

For a brief moment it was quite nice to dream of being in with a chance of winning the £5000 prize…