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Edgescape : wall

Monday 5 February 2007

Edgescape : Wall was included the Land & Light exhibition at the Wingfield Arts Centre in early 2004 (along with two more of my Edgescape paintings, Stratum and Orizon) – then in early 2006 this painting was selected for the Byard Art Open at Byard Art , Cambridge.

.abstract landscape painting - old wall, black grey brown striations, textured
edgescape: wall, mixed media on panel, 90cm x 90cm unframed.

what is the inspiration for this painting?

mostly the blackened walls of the city, the patina of a bygone age, coal-fired industry, the horizontal bands evoking tracks of activity… this is one of a series of eight panels completed between 2004-2007, evolving from an investigation into the history of eroded surfaces and patinas, which I also document as photographs… this has enabled a critical engagement with the perceived materiality of recreated surfaces, questioning their authenticity as material object or representational image.. the textural markings are not all directly applied, but a myriad of negative traces, created by a process of sgrafitto, layering glazes and removal – a sort of process of painting in reverse… what remains beneath… these close-up details of the painting edgescape:wall show the influence of printmaking methods in my paintings…

textured abstract painting

wall, detail.

abstract landscape painting - work in progress art studio 1

wall, detail

abstract landscape painting  - painting in progress art studio 2

wall, detail

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