Monthly Archives: December 2006

Some thoughts on abstraction

Tuesday 19 December 2006

It’s the holidays at last! – time to think more about art, and where to go or what to do next… I have been doing so little art lately – working full time over these last few weeks has sapped my creative energy. All week and then some weekend overtime for the extra money – but now it is nearly Christmas.

I have been thinking about abstraction (in art) and concluded that there are three distinct modes.. (these are my thoughts whilst driving to and from work).

1. to translate from reality, in patterns, shapes, forms and colours (on losing the reality)

2. to assemble or create patterns, shapes, forms and colours (on denying a reality)

3. to work intuitively with materials to a point where they make forms, shapes and colours (on finding your own reality)

the first way is quite straightforward…

the second way is quite formal…

the third way is quite brilliant, or a complete mess…

I need to avoid making a mess of things.