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edgescape : klinken

Thursday 26 October 2006

this painting is currently being exhibited along with some other works in the exhibition entitled vivid at the Reunion Gallery..

abstract landscapes painting

edgescape:klinken, mixed media on panel, 95cm x 95cm framed.

29 August 2006

edgescape:klinken was informed by the experience of digging an area of ground – striations of compost, discarded ash, coal and clinker, fragments of carpet, unidentified detritus… I also unearthed a wealth of pseudo-archaeological matter including broken toys, metal lighters, pottery and old tins, glass bottles, unworthy of a museum but the history contained within created a humble collection of artefacts…

i titled this painting klinken after mixing some clinker in the paint to achieve a more random texture than could be achieved with sand or chalk…

textured abstract landscape painting
klinken, detail.

this second image shows some of the thin layers of paint… at the time i felt the colours were too sombre, but it has an earthy, autumnal quality, of mist, compost, wood fires and smoke, the centre is overlaid with a soft smokey haze, but on photographing the whole painting my camera’s settings gave it more contrast and prominence… this close-up detail serves to show the subtle merging of layers and is more truthful in colour…

here are some photographs i took of the painting at different stages; the dates relate to the day picture was taken…

abstract landscape painting - work in progress 1
28 july 2005

abstract - painting in progress 2
19 october 2005

large landscape abstract painting - work in progress 3
16 december 2005

large landscape abstract painting - work in progress 3
12 march 2006

large abstract landscape painting - in progress 4
09 june 2006

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