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shifting perspectives

Monday 31 October 2005

paper abstract sculptural art river wall relief

shifting perspectives 1991, no.23 of 25, paper and resin, 30cm x 30cm

based on the twenty five longest rivers in the world, as listed in the encyclopaedia britannica. the order and the numbers have since changed.

what i wrote about this work at the time… On a map, a river is shown by a simple line, with no indication of flow or force. Rivers are primary routes of exploration and navigation, shaping the surrounding landscape. All of these rivers (the twenty five longest rivers in the world) are made in high relief, with handmade paper and resin using moulds, recreating a geological process, arranged in ordered segments to evoke the charting and cataloging of the environment… underneath each tile is the total length in miles of the river in white vinyl lettering.

(this piece of work was in my degree show and was later exhibited in the new contemporaries show).

paper abstract sculptural art wall relief -rivers of the world

shifting perspectives 1991