one hundred square feet : project/exhibition

Saturday 3 September 2016

100 square feet: my story… there were two versions. summarised over nine photographs:

[in the beginning]


the start of one hundred and one monoprints on white paper, utilising the raised grain of the wood panel. long days in heat of the summer. pastel shades.


staying in the shade, pale and interesting, printing and painting in a north-facing room.


the stained and patinated wood panel at the end of the day.

another day, start all over again… on black paper.


blockwork. brickwork. fieldwork. combining, harvesting. squares within squares. a limited palette of black, red and gold (with some white).


back to the wooden panel, the palette du jour.


stacked, signed and numbered: 101 square paintings for the exhibition’s box sets.


the surface of the palette as a work of art: paint it black, 15cm frame, 10cm window, gold leaf, hinge…


composition gold leaf on the reverse (or front) of the wooden panel; it’s an icon. add a d-ring fixture to hang it on the wall.


it hangs at a angle with weight of the frame on one side, and protrudes from the wall due to chiselled edge, with the intention that the gold leaf will subtly reflect back onto the white wall.

i have titled it black square 2016. my work is done.

[the end]


100 Square Feet: A collaborative art project organised and curated by Paul Cope with Joanna Barfield, celebrating 50 Years of Art at the Halesworth Gallery 1966-2016.

One hundred artists were each given a square piece of wood to utilise as they wished to create a work of art for the planned exhibition. Each artist has also made 101 small artworks measuring 15cm sqaure (as prints, multiples or unique pieces), and each artist will receive a box of 100 artworks at the end of the exhibition, with the 101st box displayed in the gallery as the top prize in a raffle for the charity SightSavers.

100 Square Feet
20 August to 7 September 2016
Halesworth Gallery
Steeple End
IP19 8LL

The exhibition is open 11am – 5pm weekdays and Saturdays, Sundays 2pm to 4pm.

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  1. Jazz

    received box of 101 artworks – many interesting pieces, esp. the handmade prints and constructed pieces. some have illegible initials or are unsigned, and so i do not know who those artists are >> one for a rainy day.

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