would you buy this painting?

water surface abstract painting, the constant flow of water, currents, tides, waves, crashing, drowning

[untitled water painting, acrylic on linen, 20cm x 20cm]

dear reader, would you buy this painting? it’s never been in a gallery or an exhibition (it has no picture frame) and it’s very unlikely to be. i seem to have a lot of paintings (or works) like this – many things started, but never really finished. if i add up the work i haven’t really finished to the other work which i think is done, then the work soon mounts up…

river water painting, intriguing surface patterns, depth, flow and force of water

so what is it with this imagined water surface? i always tell myself not to use philosophy to express a thought which i would never have entertained myself, so to paraphrase Nietzsche, the higher you fly the smaller you will look to those on the ground, is an idle thought which seems relevant to this feeling of uncertainty, a conflict or contradiction, between what you want and what you get by doing something…

fast water flowing, painting, thinly layered washes and moving pools of colour, painted from memory

within the perceived depths of water (rather than the sky) perhaps it is the counterpoint to thinking that, being above and yet below, in the ebb and the flow, but what do i know..?..

the element of water, the high seas, the oceans, ships and shorelines, rivers and ports, a significant part of family history, and then making a small connection…

it is not the river that influenced this small painting; it could be the weather, the rain, the floods, the seashore and the waves. perhaps it is an ocean (in the shade of blue), and where there is an ocean there is also the air and the big blue sky, but sometimes clouds, or storms, forming and dispersing, influencing, mirroring, moving, from one element into another…

anyhow, it’s just a thought…

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  1. Posted September 18, 2012 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    It looks finished to me… makes me think of tidal storms and the quick, quick, slow, that you see in the foam edges of waves. The way the waters churn around rocks. I like the ambiguity of am I in the water looking up or above looking down? From this little painting I could see a whole body of work developing – exciting stuff!

  2. Jazz
    Posted September 18, 2012 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

    thank you Lisa, i greatly appreciate you sharing your thoughts here, especially as you see and paint the sea everyday…

    the ambiguity was indeed an ‘idea’ I had swimming around my head while painting them, above and below, and a feeling of ambivalence, how does one express this sense of movement and unknown depth on a static 2d surface – and i sort of went with the flow, so to speak… and then there were the metaphors

  3. Jazz
    Posted September 18, 2012 at 4:01 pm | Permalink

    (it’s always helpful to get some feedback)