two of a kind

two very small abstract collages of a quietly rustic nature, created by means of assembling very small fragments of paper, paint, card, small fragments as previously found or occurring and collected hereabouts, more presently reclaimed, reused and recycled, otherwise known simply as frugal collage.

somewhat styled (unavoidably) in the manner (or manor) of rural ways and other asides, esp. in the character or facades of old sheds and barns or similar as-seen rural structures, firstly of practical usage, not for the sake of pastoral beauty.

or elsewhere inspired, simple shelters from the elements, weather-proof or not, in later wreckage or scattered debris.

may as well (also) recall times of austerity, making do (or making less), and mending, hammering down, fixing up, hoarding, et cetera. and so, only humbly offered, and note very small, these won’t break the bank, two of a kind, if you will:

rustic abstract 27: £15
2013, collage mounted on square card
[collage 41mm x 39mm, card size 130mm x130mm]

rustic abstract 28: £15
2013, collage mounted on square card
[collage 45mm x 42mm, card size 130mm x130mm]

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