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on looking, and lichen

is it worth striving for a pure aesthetic in art, an art without social commentary, irony or wit? an aesthetic experience is an object or scene which is pleasing to look at, it appeals to the senses, it intrigues us, its material form or structure is naturally harmonious, it is complete in itself,  we connect [...]

in search of wabi sabi with marcel theroux

for ten years, the British novelist Marcel Theroux has been fascinated by wabi sabi, a theory of Japanese aesthetics in which imperfection and transience are a touchstone for unassuming, natural beauty. in this film he travels to Japan in search of the meaning of the elusive, indefinable wabi-sabi aesthetic…

taking the scenic route

[bird on a rooftop]
i know quite a few artists that make a humble living by making and selling their work through galleries and online; their work is very appealing, uplifting, well crafted, they have numerous private collectors, a loyal and appreciative audience for their work… i know other artists who
sell little if any personal work [...]