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the grey tree

the grey tree, in the woods…

[digital photograph of a tree in the woods - may 2014]
on a woodland walk, the shape of the tree presented itself; dark, splayed out and leafless, backlit by a low sun. only later did i notice that the digital image of the tree in the woods was recorded in greyscale, [...]

a month of may days

a month of may days…
some pages from my current A6 notebook/sketchbook; a slight return to the elements of wood and water (after trips out to the coast and into constable country)

[drawing, graphite pencil & watercolour on paper, 14cm x 20cm]

[drawing, indian ink & watercolour on paper, 14cm x 20cm]

[small sketchbook]

[drawing, graphite pencil & watercolour on [...]

a mug’s game

hello reader, this is my all-time favourite mug…

[mug shot]
it’s a hornsea (lion) mug dating from the 1970s, a design created out of cut-up & collaged newsprint typography. unfortunately, i put this mug in in the microwave one day and after that it became a little bit crazed on the inside, and it was later resigned [...]