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i attended an art photography workshop a few weeks back. we were asked to bring one or two paintings to take pictures of, and i took along this small painting…

i used daylight studio lights and reflectors to take this picture [with a camera on a tripod!], and i was also guided in some post-processing in [...]

the waves

i’ve been reading The Waves by Virginia Woolf (a vintage Penguin paperback). it’s weird how books seem to find me at certain times, they just turn up (or i happen to be more receptive to them), i never go out intentionally to buy them… by all accounts, this is one of Woolf’s most accomplished and [...]

see, the sea… [yet again]

sea notes: striations of agitated sand[banks] beneath the sea’s surface, a thin tapering line of violet-grey marked the horizon on one side, the sky palest blue to mauve…

and then there was the shimmering expanse of a pearly viridian sea green, as sunbeams filtered by clouds moved over the flat mass of water…
i am trying to [...]