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is my shoe art?

[new boots]
is my shoe art? it is most certainly a design classic, with the tough, trademark yellow stitching and the air cushion soles, on which it reassuringly says ‘made in england’… these boots are not just made for walking anywhere, they are built for the road… there is something so very uplifting to the spirit [...]

on digging, drawing, and discovering a van gogh

last week i had a go at scaling up one of my own drawings … this one metre square print-out of a scanned lichen drawing came out quite well but the component parts were quite fiddly to join up with tape.. shown here on the floor with the original drawing in a sketchbook… (the ‘mosaic’ [...]

on van gogh, trees, skies and birds

I went to see the current crowd-pulling exhibition at The Royal Academy this week, The Real van Gogh: The Artist and his Letters…. What person doesn’t feel an affinity with the life and work of Vincent? The passion, the determination, the frustration, the rejection, the anxiety, the joy and the sadness. I have been twice [...]