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some secrets revealed

these are the four small postcard paintings that i submitted to the recent rca secret exhibition at the royal college of art…

they were not signed on the front, nor do they have any titles…

other than the ubiquitous roman numerals…

untitled i, ii, iii and iv, 2010
if any environmental influence were needed for these four abstracts then [...]

is my shoe art?

[new boots]
is my shoe art? it is most certainly a design classic, with the tough, trademark yellow stitching and the air cushion soles, on which it reassuringly says ‘made in england’… these boots are not just made for walking anywhere, they are built for the road… there is something so very uplifting to the spirit [...]

if only paintings could talk

Congo 2010, mixed media collagraph on paper on canvas, 5″ x 5″ x 1.5″
‘Congo’ is another very small work on canvas. I like the idea that it should be experienced as a small fragment, a precious last offering. In very minimalist terms, the central stripe could symbolise a path through a forest. Felled trees, stripped [...]