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the grey tree

the grey tree, in the woods…

[digital photograph of a tree in the woods - may 2014]
on a woodland walk, the shape of the tree presented itself; dark, splayed out and leafless, backlit by a low sun. only later did i notice that the digital image of the tree in the woods was recorded in greyscale, [...]

on painting, something in passing [part three]

something in passing, in the studio… [continued from part two, and previously part one]
nearly there…

something in passing… a bird’s eye view (acrylic on panel, 6ft x 4ft)
this large three-panel painting was painted from memory and imagination, arising out of numerous sketchbook drawings and studies of wood bark, trees and water
recalling the elements of air, earth and [...]

on painting, something in passing [part two]

something in passing… [in pictures, continued from part one]

…. [to be continued]
maybe others won’t see the changes as much, going with the flow, a slow painting in progress, the time-related idea of the painting, a simple flight of fancy, in the passing of time, nature and the seasons, recollections and memories, away from the source, of [...]