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time frames

tinkering with frames – it’s about time.
new work. titles.
words. exhibition catalogue.
thinking about other work projects in the pipeline.
time frames. time fragments…

bus station clock [look, no hands]
what time is it?
summer time.

polaroid of an amended road sign [mended]
thinking about it now, might have been the summer of 2008, maybe earlier.
it was funny at the time, but there’s [...]

a mug’s game

hello reader, this is my all-time favourite mug…

[mug shot]
it’s a hornsea (lion) mug dating from the 1970s, a design created out of cut-up & collaged newsprint typography. unfortunately, i put this mug in in the microwave one day and after that it became a little bit crazed on the inside, and it was later resigned [...]

on artworks and two small paintings

the artworks annual exhibition opens this weekend at blackthorpe barn in the heart of rural suffolk. i am one of thirty artists exhibiting new work in this art exhibition.
[edit: i would like to mention here of my gratitude for the encouragement and support i have received this year in the continuation of my membership of [...]