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artworks exhibition 2016

i am showing some brand new work in this annual art exhibition. last year i wrote a little about the work of some of the other artists. i hope some people will find time to visit this show to see my new work alongside the thirty or so other artists. exhibition open every day to [...]

100 square feet [art project and exhibition]

100 square feet: my story… there were two versions. summarised over nine photographs:
[in the beginning]

the start of one hundred and one monoprints on white paper, utilising the raised grain of the wood panel. long days in heat of the summer. pastel shades.

staying in the shade, pale and interesting, printing and painting in a north-facing room.

the [...]

little gems

i was invited to contribute some of my work to an exhibition entitled ‘Little Gems’, which has been organised by the HWAT Art Collective in collaboration with the International Mini-Prints touring exhibition - aka The 36th Mini Print International of Cadaqués 2016 – at Wingfield Barns in Suffolk.
the International Mini-Prints touring exhibition was established in 1981, and [...]