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hideout [in the sticks]

news: i have three small framed collages in the Cork Brick Gallery.
Cork Brick Gallery and Antiques
6 Earsham Street
NR35 1AG
Tel: 01986 894873
Open Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 5:30pm.
many thanks to Ken for the opportunity to show some of my new pieces in the gallery.

hideout [in the sticks] 2015, 74mm x 83mm

still in the sticks, on [...]

little house

[work in progress, artist studio]

[a brush with painting, artist studio]

[little house of cards]

[on the landing]

[on the stairs]

[on the door]

[on the light switch]

a sign of the times

i thought i would take a quick snapshot of my studio space this evening, a small glimpse of the current artwork in progress (it is completed, i just need to paint the sides of the wood blocks and then make a large box/crate for them), when this happened:

quick as a [camera] flash, i took it [...]