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100 square feet [art project and exhibition]

100 square feet: my story… there were two versions. summarised over nine photographs:
[in the beginning]

the start of one hundred and one monoprints on white paper, utilising the raised grain of the wood panel. long days in heat of the summer. pastel shades.

staying in the shade, pale and interesting, printing and painting in a north-facing room.

the [...]

on taking a walk around the square

it has been twenty years since my first artworks using squares. it is quite a scary thought that i haven’t (except in drawing) ever deviated from this pictorial format – as mentioned many times the concept of akind of objectification and visual containment ensues. however, i have been quietly contemplating the square’s more rounded friend for [...]

One hundred paintings in a day

I set myself a small challenge to try to create (or at least start on) one hundred small paintings in one day…

All are 6″x6″ on paper… I actually did one hundred and one (having lost count), and they were completed in about seven hours, so that’s about one every four minutes. Some are obviously more [...]