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cold comfort [in twenty five drawings]

a change of scenery (or what i have seen-ery), an escape to the white wilderness of Antarctica… it seems a little remote, but relatively quiet… a few (twenty five thus far) quick sketches done over the course of a couple of days (in the evenings)… a fake journal, a bogus adventure, a hoax expedition… nothing [...]

when the wind blows

Another abstract in an ongoing series of small mixed media works on canvas…

[Pompeii, collagraph and painting on paper and canvas, 5" x 5"]
Wikimedia led me to this pictorial reference for the above abstract (titled after its original creation) since these works are entirely about colour and texture, yet with a little analysis they link back [...]

from white snow to grey earth

for a few days, i found the transformative power of the bleak, white wilderness both beguiling and oddly unsettling, thinking for a moment (as i observed and sketched) that it could stay this way for a long time, that i must re-adjust my vision and any perception of colour, in preparation for the colourless days [...]