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see, the sea… [yet again]

sea notes: striations of agitated sand[banks] beneath the sea’s surface, a thin tapering line of violet-grey marked the horizon on one side, the sky palest blue to mauve…

and then there was the shimmering expanse of a pearly viridian sea green, as sunbeams filtered by clouds moved over the flat mass of water…
i am trying to [...]

painting practice

[painting sketchbook, 18 april 2014]
over the easter holiday break i started a new [larger] sketchbook and practiced some painting. these studies are my practice paintings. this painting looks like it could be a path through to a woodland glade.
paint what you see; paint what you feel; paint what you like;
or paint like no-one’s watching…

the field days of summer

from july to august…

some super-fast making-a-mark field landscape sketches whilst out and about, reworked and redrawn with graphite pencil and watercolour

two mini-postcard paintings

sketches from one sunny-to-cloudy-breezy afternoon at the coast