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poetry month

have decided to collate in one place my experimental haiku-style poems, from the making of the recent saltscapes series, written May 17th to June 17th 2009…

from salt and earth,
i made a dystopian green with envy
and chemistry smiled, slyly…
May 17th, 2009

the ashes sighed,
mourning the old flame,
murmuring, if only…
May 18th, 2009

a bloodshot sky
hand in hand,
we returned cautiously…
May [...]

salthouse, uninterrupted views

on the art exhibition salthouse: salt of the earth, at salthouse church, norfolk…

[detail of my work, saltscapes i-xxv, at the salthouse : salt of the earth art exhibition]
over the weekend i gave a brief artist talk on my work in this exhibition, saltscapes, about the ideas and concepts behind it and my use of materials…

i was [...]

a tranquil gaze

after the hustle bustle of the art trail weekend, it was a welcome break to travel to salthouse to install my piece for the salthouse art exhibition…. having only ventured to salthouse a couple of times before, i am beginning to wonder if it is perpetually shrouded in an ethereal mist… as we travelled northwards, [...]