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the company of artists [part two]

open studios or art trails are curious events… the artists involved know that for it to be successful it must be a collaborative effort and yet it is the single most important event (aside from the solo exhibition) in which the artist must and does play centre stage… i like meeting new people, talking generally [...]

a tranquil gaze

after the hustle bustle of the art trail weekend, it was a welcome break to travel to salthouse to install my piece for the salthouse art exhibition…. having only ventured to salthouse a couple of times before, i am beginning to wonder if it is perpetually shrouded in an ethereal mist… as we travelled northwards, [...]

the company of artists [part one]

it’s been a heady few days of artists’ exhibitions, previews and soirees.. times to flaunt with the art and flatter the artists, the opportunity to make new connections, and just very occasionally putting one’s foot in it with foolish assumptions and then having to withdraw graciously to the buffet…. places where wine and words flow… [...]