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more secrets revealed

more secrets revealed… look dear reader, here are the three miniature postcard paintings i recently created for RCA Secret 2013!

[three postcard paintings in the artist's studio, shelved]
i spent quite a lot of time on these three small paintings – a whole afternoon, which is probably quite a long time in RCA postcard terms. i liked working with a [...]

rca secret exhibition 2013

tomorrow the RCA’s Secret postcard art sale & exhibition returns for its twentieth year, this time at the royal college of art’s shiny new dyson building in battersea, london.

some london cabbies might not like to drive south of the river but some avid postcard art collectors no doubt will, in the scrabble to [...]

rca secret exhibition 2011

a short while back i spent an afternoon making some new postcard artworks for the rca secret exhibition 2011. i cannot, of course, show you any pictures of these new postcards because it is a secret art sale, but here are my secret art postcards from rca secret 2010.

[rca secret postcards 2010, signed & dated [...]