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six abstract painters : a private view

walking past st mary’s churchyard from the marketplace towards the new exhibition ‘six abstract painters‘ at the halesworth gallery, this is what you will first see – a most charming grade II listed building, built in 1686 (or perhaps earlier). as with a lot of very old buildings they are altered and rebuilt over the centuries [...]

six abstract painters : an exhibition

this is a small exhibition that i am currently showing some new paintings in, and as the title conveys, it features the work of six abstract painters, all with connections to east anglia. the artists are geraldine carratu, anthea eames, mari french, jazz green (that’s me!), joan hickson and john midgley. it opens today (saturday [...]

rebirth at Art1821: a private view

i received some photographs of the rebirth exhibition at gallery art1821 in the e-post today…. would you care to take a look?

please mind your head on the low beams…

fabulous dogwood sculptures by barbara leaney, referencing the natural environment and the interstellar world…

one of my abstract paintings, the edgescape rost…

looking back through the main gallery space; [...]