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and yet another waterlog

and yet another water log…

[the footpath was out of bounds, a lakeside view]

[flooded meadows, next to the river, above the waterline]

[flooded meadow, approaching snow island, calm waters]

[flooded path near the river, no right of way]

[another day, another meadow, choppy waters, no sea legs]

[see… someone left the flood gates open…]

would you buy this painting?

[untitled water painting, acrylic on linen, 20cm x 20cm]
dear reader, would you buy this painting? it’s never been in a gallery or an exhibition (it has no picture frame) and it’s very unlikely to be. i seem to have a lot of paintings (or works) like this – many things started, but never really finished. [...]

on the surface, water paintings

six water paintings on the wall in my studio, acrylic on linen canvas (20cm x 20cm). i took a couple of these small paintings along to an informal ‘show and tell‘ this weekend. even though these have no discernable surface texture someone said they were most definitely my work (it must be a pattern thing)…

it [...]