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two more paintings, unwrapped

two very small abstract paintings on canvas, created especially for the harleston gallery’s christmas art exhibition (see more small paintings created for this art show in the previous post)…

this is a very small painting measuring about 12cm square, in oxide orange-red, black, brown, grey and white textural striations. the subtly layered, mostly neutral hues (aside [...]

unwrapped, art for christmas

a short while back i was invited to contribute some small art for a christmas exhibition.

so, i made these, especially… diminutive free-standing square abstracts on canvas, which will be in the 2011 christmas art exhibition at the harleston gallery.
last year’s bumper christmas show was a great success, despite the hard times, perhaps because it was [...]


i have been looking through a (not so black) hole again. from this secret perspective this painting’s surface looks rather like a malformed, distant planet…

somewhere high above, looking through a porthole, slowly coming into land (again)…

and below, closer to terra firma…

earth/bound II, 2011, 30cm x 30cm, mixed media on panel
earth/bound II is one of a [...]