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in constable country

this is a small toy farm trailer or cart (or hay wain) situated inside a much larger, rusty farm trailer (or hay wain) – it would probably look quite effective with a muddy puddle. this photograph is not a deliberate social comment on farming but is more the result of chance, circumstance & a small [...]

square eyes

I am putting these four small postcard-sized collages into the postcard art exhibition troika 8..

and here they are, at just about life size..

each are about 9cm square within the postard format.. the scans came out a little darker than hoped for; there is no black, it’s a mix of prussian blue, burnt umber, and some phthalo [...]

the essence of things

a new year, a new sketchbook; what to draw, what to see, what to know, what to remember…

thinking about, or looking at…

Edward Hopper, Sun in an empty room 1963
One of Hopper’s last paintings, he once said that.. maybe I am not human…what I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a [...]