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the return of the relics

[looking in, from the outside]

[stacked fragments]

[wall fragments]

[intaglio print]

[intaglio print]

[blind embossing on paper]

[intaglio collagraph prints]

from the imperfect/circle project: liminal, on the brink, success, failure, beautiful, ugly, perfect, flawed, incomplete, whole, insignificant, valued, sacred, discarded, lost, saved, broken, mended. strange relics…

on a broken art

this is one of a new series (small relics). there were originally twelve relics but now only eleven remain (this may be significant). these are close-up views of one fragmental, encrusted relic in greyscale, which reflects my concerns in the making of them…

this is part of the imperfect circle project idea begun sometime in 2010, as one [...]

hands that do dishes

another papier mache vessel, 2011

a small object of survival..

upturned, after the storm…

washed up, weathered and worn…

art or craft, handled with care…

one lonely relic, rescued from the past…

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