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more grey sky thinking, out of the blue

more cloud gazing this week, torrential rain all day on tuesday (a typically british summer’s day) – this was the view from the window at about 6pm…

a room with a view
i hadn’t really noticed how prominent these power lines were before; my days must be slowly draining of any meaningful structure if i get distracted [...]

rebirth: an exhibition

Rebirth: An ancient culture and philosophy revisited; rediscovered; revitalised; readdressed and remade.
Rebirth, curated by Lorraine Cooke, is an exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Art inspired by Ancient Jomon culture and Japanese aesthetic, in collaboration with the Unearthed exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.
The Rebirth exhibition features artworks by Sahoko Aki, Megumi Baba, Shaun Caton, [...]

on achieving a perfect lichen-ness [part three]

the current state of play, the ongoing engagement with the surface, shown here in the sixth (current) state…

the lichens have landed (but are likely to populate still further)…
there have been many, many states in this particular painting but i only have six full-on shots (some of the work is done in the horizontal)…

strangely, have not [...]