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a new year, a new diary

it’s a new year and i have a new desk diary, but the year ahead is looking quite empty…

the first (graphite) drawing was done on the day after boxing day (it rained most of the day).
on the first two days of the diary (28th & 29th december, below) i was trying to visually recall the [...]

would you buy this painting?

[untitled water painting, acrylic on linen, 20cm x 20cm]
dear reader, would you buy this painting? it’s never been in a gallery or an exhibition (it has no picture frame) and it’s very unlikely to be. i seem to have a lot of paintings (or works) like this – many things started, but never really finished. [...]

july, in pictures

beautiful ditch, somewhere to keep the rain in

overcast sky, somewhere to keep the rain in

reflections of buildings, water has its uses

wall, trying to keep the rain out

on a train, no rain here

closed shop window, a bit like rain clouds

jubilee window transitioning into olympics window, reigning supreme!