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the return of the relics

[looking in, from the outside]

[stacked fragments]

[wall fragments]

[intaglio print]

[intaglio print]

[blind embossing on paper]

[intaglio collagraph prints]

from the imperfect/circle project: liminal, on the brink, success, failure, beautiful, ugly, perfect, flawed, incomplete, whole, insignificant, valued, sacred, discarded, lost, saved, broken, mended. strange relics…

prints and drawings

one of the lichenscapes etchings, proofed in colour…

[etchings, proofs on various papers]

another road trip; subsequently did some while looking out of the window sketches to while away the seated hours, in what could possibly be the smallest functioning sketchbook, at only 10cm square…

[miniature sketchbook, with tesco pen]

[miniature sketchbook pages]

[field and sky drawing one]

[field and sky [...]

etchings in progress

Here are the first working proofs from some small etchings that I have been pursuing since the lichen drawings… looking a little like lichen, or perhaps any micro-organisms, in colonies of moss, mould, algae…

Even after all the photographs of lichens (I must have taken two hundred or more) and then the pen drawings, I begun [...]