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on nothing, to be done

[a country road, a tree, evening...]
it was meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be,
it will happen, it might never happen
my life seems to have become quite beckettian of late…
i can’t claim to know much about the works of samuel beckett, other than what was required reading in my youth (waiting for godot, naturally)… beckett’s [...]

a little something for the weekend

may i introduce to you another small installment in my virtual world travelogue..? here is another mixed media abstract on paper on canvas, in the ongoing series of diminutive travelling icons or iCons. this one is entitled venezia…

venezia, 2010, 13cm x 13cm x 3cm, intaglio collagraph on paper on canvas

venezia is one of a new [...]

on painting and printmaking for squares

two free art demonstrations in one week, making light of the work of not so idle hands… firstly, on painting without brushes…

this is a photograph of the artist’s demonstration area, taken late in the day; i am rather fond of the paint-splattered bath towels. it was interesting to note that the three in-progress canvases already [...]