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small change

a small change on my art for sale page… the studio gallery or little picture shop, a humble means of generating some creative commerce in the digital age, some intended artfulness, a place for the curious to browse or buy, the small shop for art that i quietly oversee and very occasionally promote.
if you can [...]

on losing focus and seeing things

I have been playing with a few landscape digital photographs, having not pursued much in the way of any painting or drawing this week…

A few filters applied here and there, playing with digital effects up to the point of image dissolution… i am interested in the notion of blindness or visual impairment and the many classifications [...]

from white snow to grey earth

for a few days, i found the transformative power of the bleak, white wilderness both beguiling and oddly unsettling, thinking for a moment (as i observed and sketched) that it could stay this way for a long time, that i must re-adjust my vision and any perception of colour, in preparation for the colourless days [...]