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two of a kind

two very small abstract collages of a quietly rustic nature, created by means of assembling very small fragments of paper, paint, card, small fragments as previously found or occurring and collected hereabouts, more presently reclaimed, reused and recycled, otherwise known simply as frugal collage.
somewhat styled (unavoidably) in the manner (or manor) of rural ways and [...]

on painting, something in passing [part two]

something in passing… [in pictures, continued from part one]

…. [to be continued]
maybe others won’t see the changes as much, going with the flow, a slow painting in progress, the time-related idea of the painting, a simple flight of fancy, in the passing of time, nature and the seasons, recollections and memories, away from the source, of [...]

the field days of summer

from july to august…

some super-fast making-a-mark field landscape sketches whilst out and about, reworked and redrawn with graphite pencil and watercolour

two mini-postcard paintings

sketches from one sunny-to-cloudy-breezy afternoon at the coast