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rebirth: an exhibition

Rebirth: An ancient culture and philosophy revisited; rediscovered; revitalised; readdressed and remade.
Rebirth, curated by Lorraine Cooke, is an exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Art inspired by Ancient Jomon culture and Japanese aesthetic, in collaboration with the Unearthed exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.
The Rebirth exhibition features artworks by Sahoko Aki, Megumi Baba, Shaun Caton, [...]

faux, the love of artifice

some thoughts on the wider significance of the lichens… it seems quite simple – they signify life amongst the decay, a sign of gentle renewal, the circle of life, the quiet resilience of nature, all the more poignant when experienced within the context of a graveyard, existing on the very surface that marks and memorialises [...]

reasons to be cheerful: one, two, three… and four

i was going to just ‘blog’ about the NCA 2010 (Norfolk Contemporary Art) exhibition today; i didn’t actually make it to the PV, sadly, but i am sure it was very good…

i have a small mention in the catalogue’s main introduction to the exhibition (and four small works in the show)… it has caused a [...]