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a show and no telling

i had planned a special trip to the sainsbury centre for the visual arts last week. i was hoping to be inspired by some of the objects on show in the world art collection. i arrived armed with my sketchbooks & drawing materials only to discover that the scva is closed on mondays. most telling [...]

faux, the love of artifice

some thoughts on the wider significance of the lichens… it seems quite simple – they signify life amongst the decay, a sign of gentle renewal, the circle of life, the quiet resilience of nature, all the more poignant when experienced within the context of a graveyard, existing on the very surface that marks and memorialises [...]

reasons to be cheerful: one, two, three… and four

i was going to just ‘blog’ about the NCA 2010 (Norfolk Contemporary Art) exhibition today; i didn’t actually make it to the PV, sadly, but i am sure it was very good…

i have a small mention in the catalogue’s main introduction to the exhibition (and four small works in the show)… it has caused a [...]