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more pictures at another exhibition

last weekend i delivered twelve paintings to be exhibited in the 2011 HWAT* art exhibition – including my large painting ‘lichenscape‘ (or liken-scape, based on my liking of lichens) which seemed to suit the spot above a dark grey marble fireplace. these are different paintings to the ones recently exhibited in six abstract painters at [...]

mouldscapes, in more detail

nine mouldscapes; these are mixed media on wood panel, 15cm x 15cm x 4cm…

here are three of the panels, photographed at a jaunty angle…

mouldscape I (side-ish view)

mouldscape II (side-ish view)

mouldscape III (side-ish view)
and all nine mouldscape panels, full on…

mouldscape I

mouldscape II

mouldscape III

mouldscape IV

mouldscape V

mouldscape VI

mouldscape VII

mouldscape VIII

mouldscape IX
these small paintings on panel are currently on [...]

on artworks and new paintings

the artworks 11th annual exhibition opened to the public at blackthorpe today… i am a new member of this professional group of thirty east anglian artists… and this year the environment and mankind’s impact on it is the linking theme of the exhibition…

here are some snapshot photographs of my new paintings in the artworks exhibition, [...]