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this is about the size of it

a tiny abstract painting [maybe, of its kind]. a serendipitous moment the other day. a small fragment from something else i was working on.
tiny fragments of painted paper and card, which i then over-painted.

now not so sure about the pale green square and the block of grey, but i like the vertical red stripe [...]

on the edge of painting

some thoughts on the edge of painting, or maybe on the side of painting, a casual sideways glance at some things i have been working on.

edges of some some paintings i have been working on [stacked]
on the side of painting suggests support or encouragement, to keep going. on the edge of painting is the doubt [...]

it’s a mystery…

minimalist mixed media mini-artwork, from the mysterious way of natural deterioration and decay, as observed from day to day, around my way, anyway…

[painting and collage on card, 22-23 march 2014]
dear reader, i created some more ‘art on a postcard’ for another fundraising art event, a mystery mini-artworks exhibition at the delightful fisher theatre in bungay, suffolk. note: [...]