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on artworks and two small paintings

the artworks annual exhibition opens this weekend at blackthorpe barn in the heart of rural suffolk. i am one of thirty artists exhibiting new work in this art exhibition.
[edit: i would like to mention here of my gratitude for the encouragement and support i have received this year in the continuation of my membership of [...]

a little something for the weekend

may i introduce to you another small installment in my virtual world travelogue..? here is another mixed media abstract on paper on canvas, in the ongoing series of diminutive travelling icons or iCons. this one is entitled venezia…

venezia, 2010, 13cm x 13cm x 3cm, intaglio collagraph on paper on canvas

venezia is one of a new [...]

on art and photography, regained

photographic images rescued from a camera; hidden layers of digital data, memory extracted and reclaimed – digitally collaged fragments of erased photographs that were previously recorded (or found) then deleted (lost), now recovered again…
i obviously did not plan to create these actual compositions but i am their originator…

in this first digital composition there are three [...]