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when art is a waste of time

when art is a waste of time…

unwanted: abandoned paintings slowly decaying at the end of the garden… it’s what they would have wanted

abandonment, failure, reject, dismiss, neglect, waste, wreck, destroy, ruin, remains, debris, derelict, disintegration, deterioration, decay…

another painting, incidentally

in nine equal parts, shown in a random order (some surface incidents) – it takes a perfectionist to appreciate the small imperfections…
these nine ‘parts’ together comprise one of my series of small paintings called edgescapes. i found, or unearthed, four edgescape panels in a semi-completed state (luckily not consigned to the trash), and this particular painting on [...]

on nothing, to be done

[a country road, a tree, evening...]
it was meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be,
it will happen, it might never happen
my life seems to have become quite beckettian of late…
i can’t claim to know much about the works of samuel beckett, other than what was required reading in my youth (waiting for godot, naturally)… beckett’s [...]