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on the map, art exhibition : a private view

i received these photographs of the art exhibition on the map from the exhibition curator at hastings museum in the e-post today…
it looks good; i hope to get to see the exhibition before it closes in june 2012 (and visit the newly opened jerwood gallery, which is also in hastings)…

Clare Brewster, The little birds, papercuts (left wall); [...]

a new exhibition on the map

two of my recent ‘earth/bound‘ artworks have been selected for a forthcoming art exhibition, on the map, at hastings museum and art gallery.

[on the map, hastings museum & art gallery]

on the map (which includes a display of hastings museum’s collection of historical maps) opens to the public on saturday 10 march 2012 and the exhibition [...]

time travels

i have finally got around to cataloguing some artwork (from slides) from my student days in london…

shifting perspectives 1991

[detail... 25cm x 25cm]
shifting perspectives, 1992… what i said about this work at the time..
On a map, a river is shown by a simple line, with no indication of flow or force. Rivers are primary routes of [...]