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some secrets revealed

these are the four small postcard paintings that i submitted to the recent rca secret exhibition at the royal college of art…

they were not signed on the front, nor do they have any titles…

other than the ubiquitous roman numerals…

untitled i, ii, iii and iv, 2010
if any environmental influence were needed for these four abstracts then [...]

rca secret exhibition 2010

this week i spent part of an afternoon creating some new postcard-sized artworks especially for the rca secret exhibition.
rca secret is an annual exhibition of original art on postcards donated by the great and the good, invited international artists, current students, graduates & alumni of the royal college of art.
of course, i cannot show you [...]

on van gogh, trees, skies and birds

I went to see the current crowd-pulling exhibition at The Royal Academy this week, The Real van Gogh: The Artist and his Letters…. What person doesn’t feel an affinity with the life and work of Vincent? The passion, the determination, the frustration, the rejection, the anxiety, the joy and the sadness. I have been twice [...]