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re: surfacing, once again

resurfacing, from some dark days spent in the artist’s studio… it has been raining quite a lot lately but today was bright and breezy. august is now always such a washout; it never used to be like this. i have lots of green tomatoes but no chutney jars…  listening to the evening breeze, it could [...]

breaking through the surface [paintings in progress]

more painting activity, paintings that are resurfacing again, breaking the surface tension in the matter of paint – developed from a liking for lichen-ness, off the wall and onto canvas… unearthing new content, in the source/subject of the painting and in the actions/processes of painting…
currently defined as paintings, given the use of traditional painting media [...]

more grey sky thinking, out of the blue

more cloud gazing this week, torrential rain all day on tuesday (a typically british summer’s day) – this was the view from the window at about 6pm…

a room with a view
i hadn’t really noticed how prominent these power lines were before; my days must be slowly draining of any meaningful structure if i get distracted [...]