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on nothing, to be done

[a country road, a tree, evening...]
it was meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be,
it will happen, it might never happen
my life seems to have become quite beckettian of late…
i can’t claim to know much about the works of samuel beckett, other than what was required reading in my youth (waiting for godot, naturally)… beckett’s [...]

on thinking, clouds in a sketchbook

dear reader, i have had my head in the clouds again, a mild attack of the vapours… the heavy rains came (more of a rain deluge, really) and then swiftly went away again, giving us brilliant blue skies for a day or so, but then those rain clouds gathered ominously once again…

[sketchbook pages, july 2010]
these [...]

Seeing sense

Are artists born, do they inherit a genetic artistry, or do they develop into artists through a process of being formally instructed on how to make art? Can art ever be taught? Is the acquisition of traditional skills a form of mimicry? I ask these questions today as I have been contemplating of late on [...]